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The 21 Rules of the Rich (and how you can emulate them)

21 Rules of the Rich and how to differentiate between the mentally/physically poor and the really rich.

Why the poor wants to emulate the rich but will never attain true riches.

The main difference is that rich people (either from hard work, inheritance, luck) has an action mentality as opposed to poor people who sit all day round and complain

Only poor people with an action mentality get out of being poor while the rest of the poor people complain for the rest of their life that their family, their friends, their government and basically the whole world owes them a living.
Very true, so call KPKB sitting down at coffee shop.. complain from 10cents increased in coffee till COE (although not owning a car) till house... but not realising the number of millionaires in this country is growing fast..
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