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Hi out to all, thanks for the reply. The company is indeed very small in size. Market cap 100+ Million.

Just for your info, this role has been created, it is not a replacement role. Secondly, the finance team is just up, so I will be working closely with my GM and my FC. We are talking about 3 persons for the whole finance/investment team. I did question how much accounting work I will be handling, but they mentioned that they have a team of accounting staffs and they handles the company accounting matters.

I do know the range of financial analyst pay is very wide and this position require a lot of credentials. I did pose the hiring manager a question, this role seems looking out for person with at least 3-4 years of relevant experience to do it, but why are you looking out for people with only 1-2 years of experience? He answered he is looking for someone younger who is willing to "get dirty" with some of the work. Getting dirty as part of my job requires me to literally gets dirty.

I see that job as a rare opportunity as I can work closely with the GM and FC. Plus its something which I want to do and have interest in.

The Hiring manager did tell me that he will adjust my pay upon my completion of my probation and will re-assess it using my performance.
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