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I want to clarify something. I don't study accounting but i got an accounting job by some sheer luck. Was wondering if the guest knows that Accountant career path is more or less very standard?

The Financial analyst role offered to be is not the conventional Financial Analyst Back office job. It is one that I will travel with my boss to Asian countries and source for new investment projects for the board. It is a front office role where i can go out and know people, network with people, learn how a business is discussed. Its a role which I can learn proper financial modelling, cash flow projections and revenue forecast as well.

I don't get to do them as an accountant. I am not sure if you (the guest) are in the field of accounting, but accounting is more towards backwards looking data, whereas an analyst deals with more forward looking data.

The role is very close to an investment analyst role and does bring about skillsets that can be transfer to a research analyst or investment analyst role in the future. Which makes me decide on taking on the paycut.

Sorry if i give the forum an idea that I am show off-ing my job offers or anything. I hope to clarify that I sincerely did not mean it and I have no intention to. I only want to have genuine advise for my issue.

Sorry in advance if I offended anyone. I certainly don't mean it.
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