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Originally Posted by chitchatbox88 View Post
Hello guys. I am currently 2 months into my current job. However, recently another job which I interviewed previously came back to me with an offer.

I am really interested in the new job. So i wanted to quit my current job.

I need help on what reasons should I give to my current employers that I want to go? Its tough, cause my current employer pays me well, great benefits, no much OT, relax job, good boss and colleagues, jobscope is as what they described BUT it is just not my dream job.

So what can I tell them? If i say I am leaving for another field, will it affect how they see me?

I am so confused now.
You are one big joker.

In the previous thread you make a big show about being an MNC accountant and how you are having a dilema taking a 20% paycut to join some local co. as an analyst.

Now from this new story you are telling us you were actually an accountant in this MNC for only fcuking 2 months!?

Sorry just what exactly is so unique about this co or the analyst job to make you quit in 2 months into your job, take a 20% paycut, work longer hours, and damage your CV with a local co? From the way you describe it previously, it sounded just like another typical ops FA&R job. What exactly did they BS you that you are so smitten by them!?

And to address your previous post, an entry level FA&R sai gang job that dont even have the budget to match your current not very high pay you actually say it is comparable to a FO finance job? Is this some sort of a joke?
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