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How to retire young

1. Downgrade from your $5m bungalow to a $500k HDB flat.
2. Sell your HDB flat and retire in Thailand.
3. Sell your car, stop having a maid, stop holidays to Europe, US, eating out.
4. Rent out your hdb rooms and live on $2000 pm. If the poor can do it, so can you.
5. Rent out your HDB flat and live in JB.
6. Stop your bad habits - drinking, smoking, womanising, gambling, and eat simply.
7. Downgrade from $2m condo, buy a $300k 3 room HDB flat and invest $1.7m, earning a passive income of $75k pa (assuming 5% returns).

Many of these adjustments means you will lose face BIG TIME. Are you willing to do it?

Do you have any more ideas to add?

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