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Depends on your paper qualifications. Local degree is DX9. DX grades are non-negotiable. You will be placed on the graduate path if you are a graduate. They will not instantly up you to a higher DX grade. Especially not with only 2-3 years exp. DX9 dont earn close to 4.7k. Depending on their job scopes, DX9 are closer to 3.5k-4k. Do note that public sector dont pay as much as private sector. 2-3 years doesnt warrant enough experience to receive a higher grade.
Thanks for the advice. I graduated from NUS and had worked in a stat board. The role in MINDEF i applied for is similar to what I did in the stat board, and there are a lot of transferable skill sets. Just wondering if they would take that into account when they assess the grade and remuneration package.
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