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Originally Posted by haiz2006 View Post
Mid aug assessment.
Now I got interview next week
any1 who work as DXO will really relac huan shake leg collect pay every month on the 10th.DXO1/2/3/4 is mostly those N or O level peeple never think properly first but hor join this job but the pay so low like mayb $1300 every month.they are normally those admin gers 26 days every month, sat & sun off then still got bonus.most of these gers think they hit the bigtime but hor i think they quite silly.they waste their youth cos they join when they are 19-20 then 10 years just go by like that then confirm very hard to change their mindset to leave the service cos they are very comfortable never do anything still got money every month.the smart huans are those hor who join DXO 1/2/3/4 but hor go for night class to do their degree then after they graduate they find better job.if you ask me most gers i see rot there then most probably marry those regulars who posted on shore duty quite miserable cos sometimes will end up divorce then come back to square 1.

DXO 6/7 is those uniform personnel last time huan then hor convert to non-uniform staff.the pay ish about $3000. DXO 8/9/10 is those got degree one.NUS degree pay very high.most DXO8/9/10 I know hor every year go holiday a few times huan.DXO 8/9/10 always mix with the officers huan.

so long story short don't gong gong join DXO 1/2/3/4.DXO 8/9/10 the pay ish very high huan.your life will be very good.
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