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Originally Posted by Husky View Post
So we arranged to meet at a coffee joint for a "chat". While our friend the FA went to get drinks for us, he passed me some "reading materials".

1) Some article on dollar cost averaging
2) Some prospectus on a structured product his company was selling and

the best part of all? 3) an email purportedly from a department head stating that the product in 2 is going to be withdrawn in a few days time.
Was he trying to tell you that better buy (2) quickly cos it's going to be withdrawn soon?

Or let's give benefit of doubt. Could he be trying to say "see... our company is honest - we won't be dealing in structured products any more" ??

For H&S insurance, I think you can DIY through the list of insurance companies that replaced Medishield... should be linked in CPF somewhere. Or you can walk in to an NTUC Insurance office and ask for a quotation from the counter staff, like what you would normally do for motor insurance quotations (they are not agents).
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