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Thanks for the market analysis. My girlfriend and I are planning to get married. We hope the market will crash too by 40% so that we can get a cheap resale HDB flat. We saw some flats asking for $1m in Queenstown. We hope it will crash to $600k soon. Happy to read your post.

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I also agree that now is the best time to sell as the market has peaked. Just look at the stock market. It is crashing. Many big property owners and players are selling. The oversupply is coming fast and furious due to the miscalculation of supply. We overreacted by all the noises and keep on supplying and now we have a huge oversupply and prices will come crashing down hard. If you buy with 20% downpayment, you will be underwater soon. You will lose your equity and more. If you bought your property 6-7 years ago, you would have made good profit and now is the time to sell. Just sell your HDB or condo now. Rent and wait to pick bargains in a couple of year's time. If we don't increase the inflow of FTs and rich PRs, prices will crash by 30-40% for sure.

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