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wonder why ppl only think of working and saving money and invest in stock and property (which may not bring you much return, just may be) and not thinking of starting own business to earn more rather than stuck in an underpaid job for the rest of their life and couldnt even retire at age 65.. to me, we should work until 55 max and enjoy the remaining of your life since many couldnt even make it to 60 nowadays... to be frank, how much can you save if you are earning let's say 5k a month? 1k amonth may be? how much can you get end of 30 years of saving? Why cant you think of someways to earn more money rather than admiring ppl with big cars and house.. a business can be as small as online store, flea market, hawkers, selling whatever you are good at.. doesnt mean that you need to loan few hundred k from bank, mortage your house, and rent a good location shop, get 3 workers and sell sthing..
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