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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is there anything of substance you can add besides such generic statement that everyone know???
Definitely. But it is with risk and it is a view..

My view is that the long run, commodities will be a stable bet .
Valuations today like noble, wilmar, olam has taken much beating in recent weeks are looking attractive to me. I think their downside can be about 15% more but their upside potential seems to be good.

Ignore oil for the moment due to political instability in Syria and there is a wildcard here . But otherwise, oil is going to be hover around US$80 -100 per barrel. If I need to make a bet on oil companies, go for the bigger ones when they have been hit down. Why ? Because they have been proven to last. The B/S is big enough and they can really take more than a hit or 2. Sure, when things pick up, the smaller ones may gain more, but if something blows out (imagine BP well head disaster , seriously, do u think they can handle such a crisis ? )

What about gold ? I like gold. It is a "value" protector. When I say that, I don't mean that like the banks or economics whom say that in crisis, gold value remain. I looked through that statement and have found it personally to be otherwise. In crisis, all things drop, and deflation sets in.... gold is no different. But, I like gold because MT wise, like 3-5 years, the value will remain. I will put $$ in gold instead of fixed deposit for "asset protection" because I feel the value of gold naturally will account for it. Again , my view.

So now, my turn, is there anything of value you can share ?
Looking forward to u sharing ...
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