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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
Wondering what people carry in their wallet as i am trying to find a wallet that fits my lifestyle but find it harder to squeeze everything ?

Not sure wondering how the rest cope ?

I have
5 x Credit cards
IC / Driving Licence
Cashcard / EZ link card
Loyalty / Club/ Discount cards x 5
ATM card x 3
Dollar notes
photo of family

Think i carry too many cards...
I thought I carry too many (14) ..... you beat me (17)! Consider putting your ATM function into your credit cards to reduce if you want to cut down.

I have 4 personal credit cards (2 double up as ATM, 1 double up as loyalty card), 1 corporate credit card, 3 black ops credit cards, 2 gym membership cards (1 gym but need 2 cards), 2 club membership cards, driving license, NRIC, dollar notes, receipts.

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