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Sena Gbeckor-Kove
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Its often the people who are native who criticise a regime. Then again, they are usually the people with the most to lose or gain.

As an outsider Iím not tied to having to live in Singapore or anywhere. Iím moving there to raise a family with my wife, for the standard of living and the appealing business and tax regime.

If things go wrong, I will go somewhere else.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be in that situation and for those who arenít in such a position it can certainly look like outsiders are being favoured regardless of whether or not this is the case.

I do knoe that looking from my perspective, British National living in the Netherlands, owning a Singapore registered company and a wife in a similar position about to have kids. Singapore looks very appealing and the taxes we will pay (corporate rather than personal) will be considerable, if not in percentage definitely in quantity. By attracting companies to base out of Singapore ( and by extension many directors to reside there) the government is bringing in revenue to use for it natives and PRís in what (again from an outsiders perspective) seems a very successful and well regulated manner.
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