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This is very insightful analysis, enlightening indeed. In property investing don't always think that buying a property in prime district will be profitable. There are cases where people who bought D9 condos lose money because the price they paid was too high. Whereas places where people shunned (e.g. Jurong) actually make money.

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New condos near the Hillview MRT, such as Eco Sanctuary, Foresque and Tree House are selling at only $1100 psf currently. In Bukit Timah, which will just be a few MRT stops away from the Hillview MRT station, prices can be about $2000 psf. Once the Downtown Line 2 is running in 2015, the Bukit Timah condo prices will move up to $2200 psf, while the new condos such as Foresque, Eco Sanctuary and Tree House would appreciate to $1500-1600 psf at least. The current price gap between Bukit Timah condos and Hillview condos are too wide, the price gap will narrow with the opening of the Downtown Line 2, but the condos mentioned (Eco, Foresque, Tree House) would appreciate at a higher rate than the Bukit Timah condos. Jurong East condo such as J Gateway are already selling at $1500psf and it is less prime than the Hillview / Dairy Farm location. The only reason why prices in Hillview / Dairy Farm is currently lower than Jurong East is due to the lack of connectivity. But once the connectivity improves with DTL2, prices will inevitably shoot up. You can travel from Hillview to Orchard and CBD within 20 - 30 mins. Why buy condos in Orchard at $5000 psf? Is 30 min of travel worth $4000 psf (or $4m for a 1000 sq ft condo)?
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