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Agree. Many agents are "not that honest". As they would like to increase their number of downline, they would just paint you the best picture. An agent told me an average agent earns SGD 500K per year.

I was a registered agent now. I can see that before joining, many promises to "groom" you to the next level. After joining, you need to swim yourself.

On the other hand, the are really good mentor too. It's a challenge to find them.

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There is this famous quote in Real estate industry.

100 people, 50 drop out.
30 barely make ends meet
18 did above average
2 made it big.

I think 50-100k PA is average.
Seems a lot right? But must remember to minus expenses, advertisement, petrol, car all these.. And also work 7 days a week, on the go kind of job. No MC, no CPF, no benefits, no bonus, no security.

End up, you may not have much left.

Worth trying. But if you can't hit 150k PA and above, better leave fast and find a stable job.
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