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Default citibank interview

Hello everyone,

I went for an interview with citi last friday for a mid office support role....

The entire interview lasted about 50mins++ close to an hr.. it was a 1:1 interview with the direct hiring manager(the boss i will b working under) and a lot of behavioural qns being asked.. so i responded and backed it up with a lot of real life examples... I would say i fared quite well in those qns but afterwards i got hammered when the interviewer started asking technical qns.. well i recovered quickly by reassuring her that altho being a fresh grad i am quite a fast learner bla bla bla..

towards the end of the interview where im supposed to ask qns... i was told that the typical hiring process in citi would have the candidate wait about 2-3wks before letting them know whether they are selected or not as the hiring mgr has to submit the applications to the higher ups for approval? Plus she have other candidates waitin in line for interview as well. And she was aware that i had ongoing interviews with other companies so she suggested that i could call her direct line to check follow up on my interview if i want to...

I know this qns had been asked for a thousand times alrdy but pls bear with me... how soon would i hear from them / call them to check up? I've talked with my fnds who had similar exp with other local banks and they all called back like 1.5wks later, then they're being told that they r selected and its pending for approval.. is this the same with citi ? Well.. i do know that i shouldnt place all my eggs in 1 basket and i should continue searching for jobs... but this is my 4th interview (2nd one that lasted this long) after being jobless for close to 2 mths .. quite sad if im being rejected again.. haiz..

sorry for the wall of text btw.

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