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Maybe we are referring to different practices, but I don't think learning a business and moving on to set up your own is "narrow-minded" or even unethical.

Just think: isn't it the same as hopping to a competitor of your current company? Just that now the competitor is set up by yourself.

Unless you signed a non-compete clause (quite rare with junior to mid-level professionals) with your current employer, which in that case has to proportionately compensate you for the potential loss. There's also a milder form of non-compete clause, which is to bar you from joining a direct competitor (sometimes a list is given) for 3 months to half a year. A lot of people I've spoken to do not care about the non-compete clause because it's hard and takes a lot of effort for the plaintiff (their ex-companies) to actually carry out the litigation process, unless you're someone important.

Of course, stealing customers is a whole different story - it may even be illegal, e.g. the recent ex-Citibankers' case.
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