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Originally Posted by Survivor View Post
Thanks QXP for your views,

I listed out sectors which I find them rewarding. When I was "young", I thought about going sales since I thought it might bring in rewards for the hard work.

Logistics - in the area where I do importing from countries and cross selling to companies in SG (seen alot in SG)
Logistics is a very broad discipline, what you have described is a very small unconventional subset within logistics that overlaps with sales & marketing. You have best find out more what logistics really is about before declaring your interest.

What you have described is not what the academia and most laymen will consider broadly as logistics.

I hope you do understand that certain roles/task will only be given to key appointment holders. Junior position will not be given the chance to be involved in the decision making process.
This applies to every single non-crony job in the world, it is a moot point.

I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time away with my current job. It does not value add to my life. I do understand the importance of garnering work experience to better prepare yourself for the next job, but my background in IT does not allow me to venture further.
You misunderstand. I am not advocating you to gain work experiences to prepare yourself, you are much further behind this stage. You need to first find out what these terms you happily throw out like business, administration, finance, procurement, logistics, IT really mean before talking about work experiences.

The best way to do that is to interact and get involved with colleagues who are from these fields. Your concept of what constitutes logistics is way off and I doubt your understanding of the other fields are any much better.

Of course, being realistic, I do understand that there is no way we can compete with scholars when it comes to job opportunities/mthly salary. That why it is important for us to seek out ideas that will improve life.
Irrelevant. You are a diploma admin assistant, there is no need to drag scholars in here as the gap between you and them is so big that they live in a very different and inconcievable career world compared to yours.

Not putting you down, but again you are much further behind the curve to be talking about competing with scholars. You may be a tycoon a decade or two down the road, but at this stage you are not in a position to even mention yourself with scholars.

Myself , I enjoy working on probability. I see myself as someone who is out to look for a sure-win/high probability victory method. I find little satisfaction from working and idling around, being a clockwatcher. I rather be losing $100 playing around w numbers
I doubt a diploma holder who does administration really understands what probability modelling and decision theory is all about. You are free to prove me wrong of course, but otherwise again, stay grounded to reality and try to fix some real issues at hand. Throwing out senseless platitudes don't help.

I suggest for a start you list down what you think these fields are all about so that other forumers with experience in them can comment:

1) Doing business
2) Finance
3) Logistics
4) Procurement
5) Administration
6) IT

My core experience is in Finance and doing business, but before I say anything, it would be interesting for you to tell me what you know about them first.
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