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You need more focus on what you have in mind.

In the span of a short posting, you have listed entrepruneurship, administration, finance, procurement, logistics, IT as possibilities. Each of these couldn't be more different from another, this a sign of a very confused mind.

You are in a better position than a fresh grad in the sense that you currently have a job, this means you have the opportunity to observe your colleagues in various departments and job scope. My advice is you interact with your colleagues outside administration, shadow them, try to get yourself informed or involved in cross functional projects.

Do this deligently and you should be able to weigh the pros and cons of each different job and deparment as it relates to yourself. Once you have an inkling of which discipline matches your competency and interest, then you try and seek relevant acadmic upgrades on an informed basis.

This is much better than aimlessly buying general business degrees with no clue what you want and leaving it to chance.

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