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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
For the first 5 years at least, I believe the increment and progress are excellent. You will probably out earn 80% of your peers in pte sector. After the first 5 years or so, your promotion and increment will most likely slow down unless you're a scholar or somehow a high flier. Your renumerations will probably still be quite a fair bit higher than average for your remaining career because of the better start though. This is also why many people will consider a job hop nearing or after their first 5 years. Taking advantage of their relatively high pay to get a good offer from the pte sector. Go ask around regarding CEP and etc, it will give you an idea of what civil and public service careers are typically like.
could your give some example to illustrate your comment?

let say a fresh grad in 2013, 2nd lower NTU engineering degree with NS join as land system engineer,

starting salary @ $3770

you mention the progression for the 1st 5 years,

2013 - grade 6 (fresh grad) = $3770
2014 - wat grade = $xxxx
2015 - wat grade = $xxxx
2016 - wat grade = $xxxx
2017 - wat grade = $xxxx
2018 - wat grade = $xxxx (end of 5th year)

could you pls fill up the info, also include any promotion like in 2015 or 2016 after 2-3 years to senior engineer?? Pls assume this guy to be "average" performer throughout the 1st 5 years.

Also, for "average" performer, how much is the annual package?

Is it 12month + 1aws + minimum 3months bonus = making a total of 16mth annual package, for "average performer" a norm??

please advise.
Thank you
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