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Thanks for the info! DSTA seems like a good env to work in but have to keep in mind of confidential docs and regulations.

How about the career prospect and merit increment?(Previous posts mentioned that no one stay beyond 30-35 years old, turnover rate so high is it due to career prospect issue?)

May i know the "time-frame" for each promotion? From what i gathered in previous post it uses a diff scheme as MX, am i right?

Thanks in adv !
For the first 5 years at least, I believe the increment and progress are excellent. You will probably out earn 80% of your peers in pte sector. After the first 5 years or so, your promotion and increment will most likely slow down unless you're a scholar or somehow a high flier. Your renumerations will probably still be quite a fair bit higher than average for your remaining career because of the better start though. This is also why many people will consider a job hop nearing or after their first 5 years. Taking advantage of their relatively high pay to get a good offer from the pte sector. Go ask around regarding CEP and etc, it will give you an idea of what civil and public service careers are typically like.

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