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Originally Posted by kong View Post
More info from me:

Age - 40 & 41
Combined income - $400k pa
Net worth including primary residence - $2.5m
Housing type - HDB executive apartment 4 bedrooms (bought at $500k, now worth $800k)
Car - Honda stream (bought at $80k, fully paid)
Family expenses - estimated $80k pa

As we are comparing housing type and car type wrt to income and net worth, it will be good if we include purchase & current prices of condo/hdb/landed and car make & model.
Kong, don't be disillusioned with your high pay. Both you and your wife can get retrenched any time as you both are now in your 40's. I used to earn $300k pa, but was retrenched. Luckily I stay in my HDB flat which was fully paid up and I have some cash to tie me ober for a few months. Now I am just a lowly paid tutor. Stay in your HDB flat and save as much as possible for the imminent retrenchment.
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