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Default need advice... in a dilemma

i went to company A for an interview on 3rd june.
on the 13th june i went for an interview at company B.
On the 14th june in the next morning i got a call from company A that i was shortlisted for 2nd round of interview and i accepted. In the afternoon, i got a call from company B tat i was accepted and requires my confirmation by tomorrow...

as i wan to be honest with company B n so i told them i just received another interview call and i will need time to evaluate and consider... just got reply from that i must confirm by tomorrow....

from the interview wif company B, i can see that they r a very dynamic n aggressive mnc ,just newly incorporated (only a few yrs) ... the position is an entry level position as i do not have relevant experience... i think i will enjoy working with the manager n i will love the challenges the position can provide based on wat the manager had shared...

company A is a mnc but i m struggling to determine its size that will allow me to make a comparison wif company B. the position is a middle exec position and i have afew yrs relevant experience although both r in the same field n requires the same education.... but from the scope of the work, it will offer me more experience so that i can still stay employable in case of retrenchment

both of them command the same interest level to me...

i am being humble n i know that i m at their mercy since i m a jobseeker... i do not wan to lose both opportunity in the end ... but i actually like to hear wat company A has to say so tat i will not regret on my choice nxt time if things dun turn out well...

what should i do? n what will u do?

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