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Default What happened to Life Sciences?

What happened to Life Sciences? | - Your Salary in Singapore

It’s been a while since the term life sciences last appeared in the mainstream media. Most recently, it appeared somewhat in the form of “green chemistry” in this CNA report talking about GlaxoSmithKline opening a facility in Singapore and sponsoring some scholarships.

The scholarships are for studies in green chemistry and public health policy.

Green chemistry? Shouldn’t it be the broader “life sciences”?

Remember the billions of tax dollars invested in this “forefront” of a “new wave of scientific and technological advances”? And remember the media talking ad nauseam every other day about this new and exciting industry, glorifying the wonders that bio-life-scientists would bring to mankind?

I believe thousands of impressionable bright students who would otherwise become great doctors and lawyers have decided then, impressed by those media reports and maybe Philip Yeo’s charm, to embark on this path to life sciences glory … hopefully not to get a test tube cleaning job at the end.

We haven’t since heard much about life sciences in the mainstream media. Nothing of the glorifying sorts, but only some minor news about certain nobel-quality scientists returning to work for us or some green chemistry scholarship.

But from non-mainstream media (i.e. the Internet), I read something of interest. The following is an extract from a reader’s blog:

“Fancy reading (the Dean saying) about how the department of life sciences ‘will be more comfortable with a hundred less (students reading life sciences)’… According to multiple sources, a graduate with an engineering degree is well suited for a career both in the realm of engineering research and in the financial sector. The same set of statistics reveals that a fresh engineering graduate is more likely to be on a higher payroll than a fresh science graduate.”
What happened to life sciences?

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