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Default How to enter middle office (KYC, Compliance, Risk Management) in bank ?

I am a fresh grad, holding an engineering degree. I wish to enter to these sector but it seems not easy. Most of my engineering friend start off by accepting those contract based job to accumulate at least 1 yr exp for a next job hop. Their official career started is when the day they convert into perm. Most of them took half mth to 1 yr to convert into perm. It depends mainly on luck, network and headcounts of the bank.

I facing difficulties to get a contract job becoz I wanna to get in to KYC/AML, compliance or risk management roles as some of my friends are lucky enough to get their hands on for those field on their first job. Therefore, I am trying my luck. Sending resume and checking with recruitment agent. Any advise to improvise my job seeking skills?

For compliance and risk management roles, how is the job nature compare to a bank and those MNC companies? In terms of annual income, workload and job scope, could anyone share the differences and experience?

I am wondering, for pple who started off in compliance or risk management roles in MNC regardless of any industries, can the exp and skill be transferable to banking sector during urs mid term career ?

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