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Originally Posted by bjhchong View Post
I think cleaning toilet for $100k will be a reality soon... Sunday Times today was mentioning that no locals want to distribute newspapers...
Do you seriously believe everything you read in the state media?

What I know is that all the old uncles and aunties we used to see in food courts and coffeeshops are now replaced by our foreign talent from Bangladesh and China.

Don't blame the towkays. If there's cheaper labour available, why wouldn't they hire them?

This is the price to pay for an open economy, so say our political leaders. My question to them is why can't they do something to encourage the towkays to hire our poor uncles and aunties who slogged their lives as Singaporeans rain or shine, only to now live as 2nd class citizens in their home country competing with low-wage foreign labour who costs a dime a dozen.

Maybe we should hire cheaper presidents and prime ministers from other countries (recently retired George W Bush comes to mind, at a fraction of the cost). Maybe they can do a better job taking care of Singaporeans.

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