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Originally Posted by happyman View Post
To climb to AVP, is it very difficult to attain ? Wat is the responsibility and job nature like, stressful ? I do read that though pple might be in the same position, company, yr exp... the salary might varies a lot. Its seems very dependent on how u command urs pay at the starting of your career. Time and space play an impt role too.. Saw some associates in the forum are already drawing 6-7k.. is it true?

so other than risk management, which roles in backend roles is gd as well ( with work life balance haha) and always have a demand in the industry.

What role and position are u in?
Climbing to AVP, not v difficult to attain. After certain number of years etc auto promote etc unless you are doing some really backend role with no prospects. Anyway rank is not important $$$ is more important. Also how much your position / rank pays you depends on your jobscope etc / last drawn pay etc.

Other good backend roles i can think of which are in demand are prolly compliance, finance and accounting (these generally have bad worklife balance tho), market risk/ops risk management.

I am currently a credit analyst, responsible for conducting annual review's of the bank's corporate exposures. I basically do the reviews and present them in the credit committee meeting to get approvals. I manage the review schedule myself, just need to ensure everything is reviewed by year end.

I have been in semi-sales line as a assistant RM in corporate banking. If you want a 'sales' job with good work life balance i would recommend being a RM in a japanese bank. No pressure to hit targets as the senior SVPs are the one who bear the brunt of the targets and you just 'assist' them etc. No stress at all and bonuses not bad in the range of 4 - 6 months.
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