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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Year end bonus about 2 months. Technically speaking I am not in operations, I am in middle office, credit risk management for corporate banking. er yeah so under risk management. Definitely better then operations like loan operations, trade processing, remittances etc
To climb to AVP, is it very difficult to attain ? Wat is the responsibility and job nature like, stressful ? I do read that though pple might be in the same position, company, yr exp... the salary might varies a lot. Its seems very dependent on how u command urs pay at the starting of your career. Time and space play an impt role too.. Saw some associates in the forum are already drawing 6-7k.. is it true?

so other than risk management, which roles in backend roles is gd as well ( with work life balance haha) and always have a demand in the industry.

Sorry I seem to want the best side of the both world. Haha we are human afterall. Life is short, not everything is abt work work work, I do wish to have some personal time too to have time for family. But of coz, when I comes to work, I will definitely give my best shot. hope you guys dun penalize me for asking so much =P

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Work life is ok, I read the Today paper first thing in the morning, own time own target do my own work, got time to come play forum here lol. Few weeks back I spent a while spamming starhub to order my galaxy s4 etc etc lol. No complains about work life here.

My previous place was much more siong tho, super niao management, go lunch >1 hour only tio complain, expect pple to work late and work load also much heavier. Usually work until 7 - 8 pm everyday. That one was a nihonjin bank and only my department worked late knn...
What role and position are u in?

More of sharing pls, pertaining to my topic qns asked - choose between sales role or backend roles? For sales line sharing, hope u can share how you cope with work life balance and describe urs job nature and prospect. Thanks.
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