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Originally Posted by happyman View Post
Thanks for sharing, so do u have any year end bonus beside urs 6.3k salary? how is the work life for operations. I have friends telling me that it really depend on which department you are in... eg. payment work like hell lots of OT... risk management or KYC are the better ones? true? Sorry I am very green here and trying to find out more.. so tat I can narrow down which industry and banking field I should be aiming for.
Year end bonus about 2 months. Technically speaking I am not in operations, I am in middle office, credit risk management for corporate banking. er yeah so under risk management. Definitely better then operations like loan operations, trade processing, remittances etc.

Whether you have work life balance also depends on the bank tho. Most big names here like scb, citi, hsbc or the local banks sure damm busy cos of their size so their business volume is v heavy. Banks with smaller offices here will not be as busy but maybe bonuses also not so good etc.
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