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You make it sound as if plenty of banks are offering you various options for you to take your fancy and choose...

How many offers do you have on hand? How many positions are you in various advanced stage of interviews?

Originally Posted by happyman View Post
I would like to know more abt the career advancement for the comparison between both roles.

From my understanding, banking sales role will have potential of high income if u are gd in sales. You stand a chance to build up your finance fast but of coz subject to individual capabilities. However, it gets very unhealthy esp in your personal life and a lot of sacrifices to be made for the long hours. Most imptly how many years can you chiong? When economies downturn, it get rather stressful about having target to meet and worse still if the commission is cut. What is the prospect like in long terms compare to backend roles.

But for back end roles, it might be a very low pay start. But from some thread, I understand tat due to fact of job hopping and if you are lucky, the pay increment seems to build up very fast. Taking eg as the job prospect for analyst > associate > AVP > VP ... If I am correct, within 7 -8 yrs, you should be looking at a AVP position for an average performer and pay should be at a median of 6-7k.

I am in a dielima to choose between a contract based of KYC roles in an german bank and Personal financial consultant role in stand chart.

KYC roles in a German bank
No doubt pay start a bit low ard 2.4k for backend job in bank, but my friend got convert into perm within a yr and drawing 3.7k. Now going for interview to another company for 4.3k. I believe his career advancement will hit 6k within 5 - 6 yrs time which I can see that there is prospect for this trade in long term. The working hrs seems fine too. 5.5 days job work from 9 to 6.

PFC roles in standard chartered
one of my friend is doing quite well in PFC.. drawing 8k a mth and she is consider an average player only. But what I worried abt sales roles is because of the prospect in long term. No doubt I am quite ok to chiong now. But start to worried if I wanted to settle down and planning to have kids. By then I might need a career switch. But when that happens, where can I switch to ?where I could have a better work life balance job but yet without having too much pay cut with my relevant sales experience.

So between this 2 job industries, I would like to know what prospect should I be looking at 8 - 10 yrs time. Which make a healthier and wiser choice? Need some constructive advices from you guys.

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