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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What he said was true and hence why I mentioned most sociology majors join civil service. That's why the administrative and policy making part comes about.

Forget about those craps about critical thinking skills. Science and engineering major all say the same things. We all studied in uni and know the truth, it's rubbish.

Having said that, civil service mostly require a 2nd upper. Hence anything lower you are doomed. Except for civil service, any business requires sociology grads. Check out the employment rates and salary on this forum front page yourself.

Those tells you the real situation rather than talks. So many of my sociology friends in the cohort who do not want to join civil service or cannot find a job even after a year.

Oh ok, but lets say if i were to want to work in marketing/sales department, would it be possible? I have a biz ad diploma too and i majored in marketing. With a soci degree would i be able to rise up to managerial roles in the private sector?

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