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I'm working in IT as well. Used to be from a MNC but now I'm self-employed. My views is the same as the dude above, likely because we are in same industry and saw the same thing.

My take on this is that MNC will increase salary for foreigners. Reason being that, at least in IT industry, foreigners generally tend to be more skilled then locals in IT. Indians and Chinese are well-known to be good programmers. A good programmer can get a project done in half the time as an average local joe, and even with lesser bugs. If I am a company, would I pay him one more grand per month? YES I WILL. Productivity is important.
At least in IT industry, skills is important. For a MNC, one grand additional for a skilled foreigner is a no-brainer. They will pay for it.

However, this increased in criteria will hit SMEs hard. They have few locals applicants, and now hiring a foreigner will cost more than a local. It just doesn't make sense as much.

This applies to engineering industry too, which will be harder hit with the increased in production cost and now, manpower cost.
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