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I am in a dilemma. I am currently teaching in one of the polys and intend to apply to another poly. In the application, they have asked (to check/tick) if they can contact current employer.

What is the HR trying to get by asking us this question? If I tick, do not contact, will it be negative to my application? If I tick,who do they usually contact?

I don't want my current poly to know that i am applying to another poly.
speaking from experience (i do look after hiring in a poly). it is your personal preference to indicate yes/no to contact current employer. not much impact to your application.

note that the polys and ite have some sort of not to poach each others staff directly. however, there are still musical chairs despite the formal agreement
Having said this, each of the polys will try not to go overboard with the musical chair game.
eg sometimes like in past 6 months already stole x number of staff from another poly, then they will stop for a while etc.

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