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Oh okay...but when we talk about mx13 as a level, is it job specific? In that officers who enter at mx13 are usually tasked to deal with (I'm really clueless about this, so if I make a mistake I'm sorry) mainly administrative tasks? If this is true, officers who enter the ministry and deal with - I don't know - strategy formulation work as a fresh grad, they might enter as a level 12?

Hope to be enlightened on this. Thanks! Really surprised to find that scholars also enter as a level 13.

Also one quick question...are diploma holders and fresh grads entering the service on the same level (i.e. mx13)?

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as long as you are a degree holder fresh grad, you will start at MX13, normally after 1 year of service will get to MX12 upon confirmation, then to MX11 after 2-5years of service depend on performance.
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