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Quoting from LazyPlane's earlier post :

Depends on what you want. ACRA is not a high level ministry job but stable.
Career prospects is rather flat. ie reward seniority and those whom work longer.Salary guidelines for the future is what you get as per NWC guidelines.
Not much higher/lower and you really get paid very fairly for the size of the job.

It is a good place to be if you want to be away from rat race. ie spend time doing what you like after work, without worrying too much about food on the table, and also know that this rice bowl can take a bad shake in the markets.
I really doubt anyone will get fired even unless you are really really bad performer. Even so, they will only do it after counselling you.

To enjoy civil service, you must be able to appreciate things like going for training (in which you can really max out) and enjoy being happy doing small little admin things, being interested and exposed to many different areas, but in small longer hours when certain key govt projects are up , but otherwise go home on time and enjoy talking to colleagues and your team and building the friendship there. Mind you, working hours can be really max out.. and dont think you have easy life there drinking coffee , eating long lunches etc etc..but work is reasonable and can be completed in the working hours.

If you are very competitive, or wants a 10% jump in salary every 2 years , or like to do a lot of eye ball catching projects, to be heard, seen in work as a leader.. then maybe not civil service cos there is really a lot of scholars and ambitious people whom are trying/aiming for these positions.
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