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Originally Posted by Uncertained View Post
Hmm.. please pardon me. I need advise too. What is the job culture in acra? I had previously bad experiences working in govt sector. Too much politics even though I was low profile and people can still manage to sabo my low low prosition

I got an offer but I don't want to end up wasting another 2 years. I know that it is stable. I am not afraid of workload, more afraid of the culture and people there. Anyone can advise? Thanks in advance.

Sorry I side track..what about PMO and PSD experiences? Thanks!
In general govt sector farmer politics is considered very docile and low level taichi tactics.

If you are finding politics in govt sector too hard, it might be that your character not suitable for work that involves many interactions with stakeholders in the organization.

You should look out for jobs that are highly individual and independent in nature. Culture is more dependent on the type of work, not the letterhead on your employment contract.
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