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Originally Posted by SPF or CPIB guy View Post
hi bro...

Was quite inspired by what you have said... I am torn between joining the police as SPO and CPIB IO, both degree.. (i am not scholar nor 2nd upper), I am on the path of having this two post being shortlisted actually... according to your experience, which post will have a more transferrable and sought after skills? For example Global MNCs, are they looking for a more all rounded guy?

CPIB involves investigation corruption and overlaps a little of Fraud, bank checks, but usually financial crimes involves CAD instead... for my eng degree I am not eligible..

back to SPF: their starting pay is lower than CPIB (not sure why), but they provide many rotation and will not bore you down with too many investigations with subsequent posting...stable at least... but if One day I have to leave either force, who will have a higher chance to enter compliance and corporate security in big MNCs?

CPIB experience or SPF SPO ???

anyone can advise who are now in Global MNCs or banks or companies dealing with compliance or corp security?

i would say SPF cos it offers u a more all-rounded skills training. Eg: start as IO (investigations), then to team leader position (train up leadership skills) then upwards to staff posting (preferably at Police HQ level) to handle Force wide policies & stuff. But to get to a staff posting at PHQ would probably take 5yrs? Sorry i left in 2005 & things might have changed a fair bit now. Skills will definitely be transferable to corp security or compliance/fraud. I have many friends in the same position now.
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