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SPF or CPIB guy
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There are certainly lots of job opportunities post-Police cos these skills are specialized. Global MNCs need security professionals & these jobs are in demand in good & bad times. Typically ppl dont get retrenched from their jobs & hop around within the local/regional security industry. China is a big job market & if u have good Mandarin skills & is willing to relocate, u can do really well for yourself.
This is coming from a former junior officer in the Police who now holds a regional security position & drawing a 5-figure monthly salary.
hi bro...

Was quite inspired by what you have said... I am torn between joining the police as SPO and CPIB IO, both degree.. (i am not scholar nor 2nd upper), I am on the path of having this two post being shortlisted actually... according to your experience, which post will have a more transferrable and sought after skills? For example Global MNCs, are they looking for a more all rounded guy?

CPIB involves investigation corruption and overlaps a little of Fraud, bank checks, but usually financial crimes involves CAD instead... for my eng degree I am not eligible..

back to SPF: their starting pay is lower than CPIB (not sure why), but they provide many rotation and will not bore you down with too many investigations with subsequent posting...stable at least... but if One day I have to leave either force, who will have a higher chance to enter compliance and corporate security in big MNCs?

CPIB experience or SPF SPO ???

anyone can advise who are now in Global MNCs or banks or companies dealing with compliance or corp security?

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