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These are special people. They are the best and so deserve the best pay. The losses? One must be wholistic ... There's up and there's down. There's profit and there's losses. The amount is peanuts compared to the total funds; only a few percentage! 8 months bonus? We see CEOs and top people getting more than 12 months bonus, what is 8 months? I don't understand what the fuss is all about! Sack? Yes, the Payment Admin Officer may be investigated and removed. Pls don't go on a witch hunt anymore. We have too large reserves? Don't be stupid. These funds are safety nets. Safety nets are required in emergencies. They are critical and never too large, one must always be ready! Anymore bonuses to other staff? Sorry these information are all confidential. Just a range and no details? Oh I don't know ... pls ask other department ...
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