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Default nothing ersamoH

Actually Gov job has its good side too. been working almost 10 years..from lowly paid desktop support to network consultant. Working for different huge US MNC. The monthly pay and benefits are better than Gov jobs but every cent is hard earned. There is no such thing as being paid 8k,9k,10k over 10k a month and can shake leg.

Prepared to worked like a dog. Worked day and night and sometimes weekend. With this kind of pay do not expect not to bring your work back home.Unless you simply dont care. Then you wont progress either. First to go if outlook not good.

In US MNC, you can't retire. You will be kicked out when you reach 40s + . some even younger if department closed down. But Gov jobs wont do that. yes lower paid but if these kind of pay like 4.5k with yucky increment like 50-100 every year till 50+, i think overall you might earn more than in US MNC because the career there isn't that long.

And some people might say well i can save more quicker and used for investment. True but how many can? those who earned 8K above..some driving expensive cars..expensive house.. might save even lesser than those earning 4.5k. so its all talk cock only.

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