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Originally Posted by kakarukeys View Post
Applied for engineer position, current job 4.5k, asked for 5k because fresh grad is getting like 4k (told them to refer to and I had a 3yrs experience + master degree. They called me and said want to offer but cannot match my current pay, asked will you reconsider based on astar's reputation and career path, etc, etc.

What should I do?
ok, serious mode ah. did you know that astar is stat board and got 15 month in total per year, higher if you score high in your yearly eval (basically r u good at suck up to bosses)

so you current job got bonus or not.

if you really want just say 'ya interested, but u can't accept too low cos of family commitment etc. then see how much they offer lor. you job in astar is shakeleg one, and stable. so if you looking for shakeleg job and you like to feel like bigshot when you whip out your astar namecard when talking to vendor, then go for it. but if you are ambitious and hardworking and talented, don't go astar. stay inindustry.
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