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Wink ALWAYS go for it

Thought I'd contribute something for a change, as this is a positive thread that's not all about the money. I started work right after college at the age of 20. Tried various things in the IT line from programming to multimedia design and finally systems integration consultancy. Even did some lecturing in between. At 27 I woke up feeling inspired, wrote in to an advertising agency, somehow snagged myself a job after 3 interviews (I had no qualifications or even a portfolio) and started all over again as a junior creative. Completely different career, totally new beginnings. I took a massive pay cut--it was back to almost fresh grad level.

Was it worth it? There's not a day I look back wondering if I should have kept on at IT. I'm enjoying every moment; it's taken me years to climb all the way back (and beyond) the level I was at when I quit IT--wonderful, enjoyable, heartbreaking, ultimately worthwhile years.

I'm in my mid 30s now, and my 80+ year old uncle just offered me a chance to go back to school and study something "useful" like Law. I would do it, and live life as the oldest law clerk to start a career, ever--except I don't feel much for the subject.

I've been relatively lucky, or at least, I've picked the right things most compatible with my abilities. I come from a very poor background and have nothing to fall back on if I fail. The point is, you have nothing to lose. Better try a new career and realise it's not for you, than stick to one you ALREADY know is not for you. The litmus test? The fact that you're even thinking about it!
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