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Originally Posted by wern View Post
both sama sama lah. But cpib has a (slightly) higher potential outside because compliance/audit positions MIGHT consider your experience as relevant. Thats a huge IF there because you're still competing against law/accountancy grads who are fresh from their uni exams/textbook case studies and competing for the same job. And besides these firms usually have their own internal training program once you get in.

Cpib might be potentially good outside, but don't count on it because successful cases are really few and far inbetween. I dont know abt mgt roles in cpib, all I know is that they're an unusual semi-uniform/enforcement agency that doesnt use the typical police/army rank structure but adopts the government executive, senior exec, manager(team manager), dy director rank structure.
is it true that cpib people are under tremendous pressure especially in light of recent high profile cases?
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