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Interested to work as Senior Prison Officer as ASP1. Not sure how is the salary like after 5 yrs. It was mentioned the starting salary is 3610 to 4370.

Anyone knows how is the salary like after 5 yrs and beyond?

I completed NS. Not a scholar with first class.
Please consider carefully if you want to join as a uniformed personnel.

You need to be fit to pass IPPT for promotion.
Yes Sir Yes Sir 3 bags full (Rank, everything about them)
Senior Prison Officer need to be a housing unit OC for the first 2 years minimum. Virtually you are a prisoner yourself. After that, you will be posted as a staff officer for minimum 2 years. Throughout, you will need not perform cyclic shift unlike the JOs but have to work on alternate Sats.
Pay is high when you first join. Every year increment is minimum and you will see your pay rise slowly until you get your next promotion.
Promotion is dependent on getting the right things done for your customer (your boss).
For the first 2 years, stay out of trouble. Once marked, it is difficult to flip. (Your next superior have to write a good report to justify your improvement and not many people are willing to do that)
Competitive environment. Everyone wants to be promoted.
Young 55 years old retirement age. Can be reemployed but that is dependent on performance.

Good stable job though.

My 2 cents.
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