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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Just for your reference if you are seeking employment at one of the polys as a lecturer. And for everyone else, a reference to compare with the new salary framework (which should be announced soon)...

Min ($) Bar / Max ($) Job Grade Academic/Management
14,080 18,770 / 21,120 PAX 1 Principal Lecturer/Deputy Principal;Senior Director
10,520 14,500/ 16,490 PAX 2 Principal Lecturer/D; DD
6,620 9,140/ 10,400 PAX 3 Senior Lecturer/DD; AD; Mgr; Dty Mgr
4,580 7,030/ 8,250 PAX 4 Senior Lecturer/Mgr, Dty Mgr; AM
3,470 5,320/ 6,240 PAX 5 Lecturer
2,150 4,160/ 5,160 PAX 6 Lecturer
Wow not bad, it looks better than what I expected. I have applied for an opening as a Senior Academic in RP, is that the same as Senior Lecturer PAX4 that is stated above?

Thanks for any help rendered!
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