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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi all,

I need some advice here.

I'm 29. I graduated late cos I stayed in school to do a masters degree. I have been working for one and a half years in a job I really hate that has nothing to do with my qualifications. Pay low and long working hours with lots of OT and a high level of frustration due to demanding/fault finding superiors, peers and clients. I have been sending out applications since a year ago, and have been through a few interviews but no job offer thus far.

I am thinking of quitting right after getting my year end bonus to find a proper job in full force. I haven't been able to prepare well for my interviews or applications because I have all my time taken up by my current job. Also I have forgotten what I studied in my undergrad and postgrad years that I would use the time to review so that I can get a related job.

Many people tell me this is a stupid decision, but I feel that if I say in my job, I'll never be able to get a new job cos I cannot concentrate on job application. What do you think? Should I quit? After all, I've been trying for a year already, and I'm starting to feel jaded and dejected already.
Don't quit without another job offer, it will be worse than getting stucked in a job that you totally have no interest in...just get your time management together and push on with the job applications and interviews.

Even if you have enough savings to tide you through, months of being jobless and seeing your bank account dries up day by day really brings down your morale.
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