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Almost any dept within the bank's ops area will be quite mundane and boring. The areas you mentioned are maybe in the risk and control or compliance dept or internal audit (too many to list)

What the above chap said is correct, most ops jobs are pretty dead boring and its hardly a skilled job. The company may be fancy but the work is created purely because the systems are too manual to handle something, it can literally be something as silly as copying data from the bloomberg system and copying back to the banks systems.

That said money in the bank is usually quite good (starting 3.5 - 4K?) and also you get better benefits then working for a local MNC (20 plus days leave, insurance cover etc).

If you intend to come down this path (ops) be prepared to find a way out instead of being stuck trying to make it up the ranks. I laugh internally when I see Avp's (Assc Vice President) put in 14 hours a day and work on weekend etc, honestly is it really worth it especially when one day the jobs (Operations) will just get outsourced?

Try it for a taster, its always a good experience working in a major corporate. Just set your goals straight.
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