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Originally Posted by EggsBenedict View Post
Hi all,

I would like to seek for some advice from the senior professionals. I'm in a dilemma between staying overseas or returning back to SG. I'm a Singaporean, completed my postgrad in a target Uni (Imperial/LSE) and received an offer from one of the Big4.

I am wondering if I should return to Singapore since most of the growth is in Asia and Singapore is THE financial hub (private banking) of Asia. However, I struggle to get job offer from Singapore IBs. If I were to join one of the local banks as RM, would I have a chance to move on to Asset/Wealth Management?

Thanks in advance!
Sure you have a chance, the question is how much of it? Remember almost anyone who joins a local bank as a RM has no intention of staying there for long, they all are hoping to move to lucrative avenues like IB and PB. At the end of the day, maybe ~2% make it?

Of course you can argue that being a LSE grad your chances are higher, but personally I won't risk coming back to Singapore to take up a low level RM role unless there is at least a 50% certainty of moving to IB.

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