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Capt. Thum Ban Shii--
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Regarding the ship master on the rank 80 of S$ 4945, I am sure this salary is of 1993 (15 years back). Now the salary of ship master for Filipino, my company is paying USD 7,500 per month, equivalent to S$10,875 per month.
While for Singaporean and Malaysian, we are paying USD 9,500 per month, equivalent to S$13,775. One year work 8 months onboard and rest 4 months. Salary 12 months + 1 month AWS + 3 months bonus. If include bonus and AWS, it will come to S$18,366 per month for Singaporean and Malaysian. This salary is apply to container ship, tankers and AHT. For chemical tanker and LNG, salary will be 30% higher. Further, working onboard Singapore flag ship, all salary is tax exempted. I am welcome more Singaporean to go to sailing.
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