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RR starting pay is at least $300 - $400 higher than small companies like ST Aero or SIA. Benefits also much better and increments are much higher also, easily reach 5k in 3 years
Are you sure u can hit 5k in 3 years in same company? Increment in most companies are performance based. For performance based it is typically about 3-10% and it varies for everyone. Does not make sense if you were the boss and you give everyone 10% increment even for worst performers. Unless you are top performer and your boss recommends you for maximum increment all the time (which is not going to happen). If not how to hit 5k in 3 years for the same company? Job hopping can hit the 5k more easier I guess. Some companies have a flat increment rate across the board for the year depending on company's performance.

In terms of benefits (variable bonus, medical, annual leave, etc), you have to gauge yourself. Companies like SIA still gives out flight benefits to staff. SIAEC might be different as they are MRO not airlines like SIA. Some companies can give you good pay but not necessary the best benefits.
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